The Romanian Football Federation organised a training to promote environmental awareness among volunteers as part of GOALS Project, on 14 June 2022, after Romania’s Nations League football match against Montenegro. About 40 volunteers attended. The facilitators on behalf of FRF were Radu Vișan and Florin Șari (both GOALS Project team members).
The main topics of the training were: A short presentation of the GOALS Project and its objectives in Romania, environmental specificities of football events and recommendations for environmental action on a personal basis during matches and in general for young people. The presentations were well received by the volunteers and from the feedback received we could see that young people are engaging in environmental protection differently, more consciously and actively.
Volunteers play a crucial role in FRF’s activities in areas such as event management, administration, medical services for players, etc. With about 1,000 committed persons of all ages, FRF has one of the largest pools of volunteers and an example of best practices for the sports world in the country and internationally.

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