The executive committee of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) adopted on 22 September 2022 the sustainability strategy for 2022 – 2030, entitled “Stronger Together”. In preparation for the strategy, the FRF also adopted the environmental and human rights commitment in August 2022.
The strategy is divided into two areas of action: human rights and environmental protection, and the actions are based on 11 policy areas, seven for human rights and four for environment. The document reflects the consolidation of the social responsibility of UEFA and the national associations, but also, in the case of FRF, several successful international partnerships. The GOALS project, FRF’s main environmental management project, is part of the strategy and ISO14001 – a proposed outcome for the GOALS project – is also a strategic priority for FRF in the near future.

The extended strategy document can be found here:×220-mm-spread-HI-RES-1.pdf

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