NEWSUPDATE: 5th Steering Committee of the Erasmus+ Goals Project in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


The 5th Steering Committee meeting was hosted by the European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA) in Sin-Truiden, Belgium. “Stayen” home of the local first division team STVV formed the background to this 5th meeting.  

The main goals of the 5th official Steering Committee of the Erasmus+ GOALS project were to further plan and execute the project with the involvement of all partners:  

  • Real Betis Balompié, 
  • The football federation of Portugal 
  • The football federation of Romania  
  • The football federation of Kosovo 
  • ESSMA (the European Stadium & Safety Management Association) 

 The project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program, aims to improve the environmental impact of football organizations, focusing on female and youth grassroots football teams. 

 The following issues were at the center of the agenda: 

  • Organizational and Operational improvement actions  
  • “How to effectively implement environmental governance actions” training course  
  • The preperations for the upcoming Multiplier Sport events & the 6th  and final steering committee 
  • How to use the Environmental Footprint Calculator” training course  
  • administrative aspects. 

 In addition, the Erasmus+ GOALS Project partners got to enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Stayen stadium, seeing how the 14.500-seat stadiumnot only hosts football games but in fact is a year-round destination with hotel rooms, commercial shops, offices and a gym centre. The club is even investing in sustainable measures as they installed 565 photovoltaic panels back in 2014 and are working with rainwater collection systems.  


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