The Erasmus+ GOALS project has almost reached its conclusion, and another accomplishment was marked by the recent introduction of drinking water refill stations in the youth center of SC Braga (Sporting Clube de Braga), the Portuguese sports club from the city of Braga best known for the professional football team playing in the Premier League.

This achievement was possible thanks to the collaboration with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), a partner of the GOALS project.

Six water refill stations were installed in the Club’s facilities, and more specifically on the 3rd floor (offices), on the 2nd floor (medical department and technical staff rooms), near the dressing rooms and in the stadium.

Although SC Braga does not yet have an exact measure of the amount of water saved, a good indicator of the environmental benefits of this operation is seen by the fact that a reorder of extra water bottles was not needed during the summer, a first in the Academy’s history.

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