The 6th and final Steering Committee meeting of the Erasmus+ GOALS project was hosted by the European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA) in the Legia Warsaw stadium.

The main goals of this 4th steering committee were to plan and execute the final part of the project with the involvement of all partners:

  • Real Betis Balompié,
  • The football federation of Portugal
  • The football federation of Romania
  • The football federation of Kosovo
  • ESSMA (the European Stadium & Safety Management Association)

The project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program, aims to improve the environmental impact of football organizations, focusing on female and youth grassroots football teams.

The following issues were at the center of the agenda:

  • the analysis of the environmental governance of the football federations;
  • the presentation of the environmental awareness campaign;
  • the presentation of the communication and dissemination plan of the project results
  • the actions taken by project partners in light of their environmental sustainability
  • administrative aspects.

In addition, the participants of the 6th Steering Committee joined the ESSMA Summit’s Sustainability seminar as speakers! Each partner was able to present the sustainable initiatives that they had launched over the course of the project. In addition to the Erasmus+ GOALS partners, the seminar also hosted one additional speaker from Cadiz CF, who explained all about the CSR initiatives’ the club had taken.

In order to create more awareness about the GOALS project, all partners also brought sustainable promotion materials to the ESSMA summit, which were distributed among the participants. These gifts included: reusable water bottles, sustainable torch lights, wireless chargers and more!



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