Are you a football club and are you drafting your sustainability strategies? Do you need to know your environmental impacts and priorities? 

 You can find the answers to these questions and much more in our Environmental Footprint Calculator! 

The Environmental Footprint Calculator is one of the key output of the GOALS project, an ERASMUS + project coordinated by Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and carried out together with the Football Federations of Portugal, Romania and Kosovo, Real Betis Balompié and ESSMA. 

The calculator is based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method and is designed for assessing the environmental impacts of football organisations and matches. The platform allows football club (professional and grassroots) to introduce data about their energy use and water consumption, their waste management, the mobility of players, staff and supporters, the consumption of food and beverages and the use of sport apparel. All this data is processed to calculate the environmental footprint of the football club, allowing them to identify the main contributors to the overall environmental footprint. 

The main objective of the tool is to provide a technical tool freely available for the football world and to generate awareness in the football organisations, football federations and sports organisations regarding the environmental impact assessment of football.  

Go and try it! 


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