The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) welcomed the SUM Laboratory (Sustainability Management) of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies at its headquarters in Bucharest as part of the Erasmus+ GOALS project.    Tiberio Daddi, coordinator of the research group on sport and sustainability of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, flew to Bucharest to conduct a sustainability workshop for football clubs. During the event, he presented the approaches and ways in which clubs could draft their sustainability strategy. These documents will be presented to the Romanian Football Federation within the next few months for completing their registration to the 2023/2024 Championship season. Over 20 club representatives attended the meeting and 15 were connected online, covering attendance from professional and amateur male football, but also youth and female teams.    During the visit to Bucharest, Sant’Anna also held a training event on the ISO 14001 certification aimed at the employees of the Romanian football federation, in view of obtaining this certification by the federation in April 2023.

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